Training Centre on Cybercrime for judges and prosecutors





Training Centre on Cybercrime for judges and prosecutors

This project, mainly sponsored by the European Commission, consists of eight major seminars that will take place in Trier (Academy of European Law – ERA) between 2012 and 2015 (calendar of events). It comprises basic training courses on the legal and technical aspects of cybercrime to provide approximately 500 judges and prosecutors with the essential skills necessary to cope with internet-related offenses. Each seminar will take the form of a 1.5 day event and will be divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 will deal with a basic understanding of cybercrime and cyber threats such as: phishing, botnets, denial of service (DoS), etc.;
  • Part 2 will see the audience broken into small working groups, where participants, assisted by experienced trainers, will discuss ad hoc cybercrime case studies;
  • Part 3 (“Focus on”) will be dedicated to selected technical issues (or themes that are particularly topical at the time of the implementation of the seminar).

Key topics

  • Introduction to cybercrime (definitions, development of computer crime, overview of the most relevant offenses and how they are committed)
  • Legal challenges and solutions in fighting cybercrime (challenges in applying traditional criminal law instruments, procedural law, jurisdictional issues and international cooperation)
  • Cybercrime case studies (real-life scenarios to be discussed in small working groups)

There will be 60 participants per event. It is firmly intended to ensure a sound balance between participants from different Member States to guarantee better discussion and a sound exchange of information during each seminar (conditions for participation).

Participants cannot take part in more than one seminar.

The Project will last 36 months and the events will be offered in one language: English.

The main objective are

  • To enable participants to gain an overview of EU policy on internet-related offences and familiarise them with the current work being carried out by the EU and other European and international Institutions and Organisations;
  • To offer an insight into different national EU criminal systems and thus gain a better understanding of the work carried out at domestic level by other judges, prosecutors and police officers;
  • To provide an overall framework for the understanding of newly developed phenomena linked to the misuse of internet such as “phishing”, “botnets”, malware, Denial of Service Attack (DOS) and other;
  • To exchange best practices and information;
  • To be always updated on new cybercrime menaces.






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