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Intellectual Property Law

Specialised courses
Prof Estelle Derclaye, Jirí Malenovský, Stefan Enchelmaier, Ted Shapiro
  • How has the CJEU interpreted the concept of reproduction?
  • How has the CJEU interpreted the EU exceptions to copyright protection?
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Basic courses
Prof Stefan Enchelmaier, Jean-Claude Alexandre Ho, Dr Ralph Nack
  • Intellectual property and free movement of goods
  • The EU legal system for trade marks and designs
  • The European patent system — a brief overview


September 2017

Trade Names: An Unbalanced Equation in Trade Mark Law

Simon Malynicz QC

September 2017

Trade Mark Similarity: Is the Test of the CJEU’s Grand Chamber Satisfactory?

 Geoffrey Hobbs QC

September 2017

The Protection of Logos in the Digital Environment: Trade Mark Law vs. Copyright Law – Is a New EU Legal Approach Needed?

Benoit Van Asbroeck

September 2017

Recent Case Law of the General Court on Trade Marks (October 2016-September 2017)

Maris Kurecko

October 2016

Trade Mark Protection: Functionality, “Limping Marks”, Event Marks and Acquired Distinctiveness

Graeme Dinwoodie

October 2016

Likelihood of Confusion and the Assessment of “Weak” Trade Marks

Annette Kur

October 2016

EU Trade Mark Law – the Louboutin Saga: Is a Colour a Shape or “Another Characteristic”?

Sven Klos

October 2016

Multistate Infringements of EU Trade Marks and Designs: Jurisdiction, Remedies, Applicable Law

Prof Alexander von Mühlendahlc

October 2016

Recent Case Law from the EU General Court on Trade Marks (Dec 2015-Sept 2016)

Andrej Stec

October 2016

Designs in the Spotlight: Spare Parts and the Repair Clause Defence

David Stone

June 2016

What Should Companies Do to Prepare for the Transposition of the Trade Secrets Directive?

Bruno Vandermeulen

April 2016

Internet Domain Names and Geographical Indications: Legal Challenges

Nathalie Dreyfus

April 2016

Defending Geographical Indications in Trade Mark Opposition Procedures

Dr. G.E. Evans

April 2016

Registering a Geographical Indication as an EU Trade Mark: Passing the Test of Absolute Grounds for Refusal

Dr. G.E. Evans

April 2016

The Enforcement of Collective, Certification and Individual Trade Marks Identifying Geographical Indications in CJEU Case Law

Benjamin Fontaine

November 2015

Alteration of a Protected Work – Impact on the Principle of Copyright Exhaustion

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