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May 2017

Expected Costs and Disruptions Associated with Brexit: the EU Perspective

Carlo Comporti

April 2017

MiFID II: What is Expected from Investment Advisers?

Markus Lange

April 2017

Investor Protection: Product Governance, Product Distribution, Product Intervention

Pierre-Henri Conac

April 2017

What is Expected from Investment Advisers under MiFID II? Transparency with the Client and Practical Changes in the Documentation

Eleftheria Apostolidou

April 2017

PRIIPS: KIDs and the Revised Regulatory Technical Standards

Daniela Gariboldi

April 2017

Investor Protection in the Context of the Amended Insurance Mediation Directive (IMD 2002) – now Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD 2016)

Prof. Dr. Christos Gortsos

March 2017

The Price of Stable Markets and Investor Confidence: an Overview of the Short and Long-term Effects of MiFID II

Martin Schulte

March 2017

Reporting under MiFID II: Exemptions and New Arrivals, Duplication and Client Reporting

Prof Christos Gortsos

March 2017

Compliance with MiFID II from the Industry Viewpoint

Ross Dawkins

December 2016

Brexit: opportunity or threat to the integration of financial supervision in Europe?

Carlo Comporti

December 2016

Macro-Prudential Supervision in the EU and the US

Rosa Lastra

December 2016

Review of the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs): Strengthening Independence of Financial Supervisors at National Level

Konstantinos Botopoulos

September 2016

The Legal Framework and Case Law on Market Abuse in the Derivatives Market

David Kirk

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